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To fully appreciate the charms of our canals, five or six hours of sailing a day are enough to cruise forty kilometers (you must count 10 to 15 minutes to go through a lock). More than a means of transport, your boat will offer you a different way of living your holidays.

Never boring, visits of towns and villages, fishing, walks, barbecues and gastronomy will embellish your jaunt.

The waterway guide indicates the stops, the villages, the supply stations and the visits you can make during your cruise.

The ideal opportunity to change your life rhythm while admiring the countryside and nature in a different way.

What to bring with you

Flashlight, sun cream, sunglasses, a camera with sufficient batteries, games, books, medication, cell phone. It is however advised to leave your jewelry at home ...


You can moor wherever you want on the canal: in harbors or at resting places, near a village, or in open nature.

Pegs will help you at places where mooring is more difficult. For a few minutes, a few hours, or for the night: avoid river curves, bridges and leave enough space to let barges pass.


Do not bring any unnecessary clothes. Choose comfortable clothes, easy to wash such as blue jeans or T-shirts. Do not forget some rain clothes and a fleece for the evenings. Use rather travel bags than suitcases because the space on the boat is limited.

High-heeled shoes or shoes with hard soles must be left at home and can be replaced by shoes with soft soles in rope or in plastic (tennis or slippers). It will increase your comfort and the security on board.

Don't forget to bring your camera to immortalize beautiful landscapes and your crew.


You can swim everywhere, but it is more pleasant to swim in a river than in a canal.


The bicycles you rent upon boarding will be very useful to make your errands and your visits.

You can choose which of the proposed escapades you prefer: at the countryside, in the forest, ... Cycle along the towpath and discover forgotten villages.

Even when you are not a sportsman, it is recommended to have a bicycle on board. We offer you the possibility to rent them; payable upon departure.


The bridge is a real sundeck: do not forget your sun cream !


While sailing on the canals you see a lot of architecture and water monuments: locks, lock stair cases, canal bridges, windmills, aqueducts, overflows, swing bridges, bascule bridges, footbridges, washhouses, lock-keeper houses, harbors, etc.


The passing of a lock adds variety to your trip. You can chat with the lock-keeper, sometimes buy regional products or you can simply admire the view.

Passing a lock is easy and pleasant if you respect the instructions given upon your departure. In case of a manual lock the lock-keeper will appreciate your help.


Cruising on a boat is like a child's dreams coming true. Your children will experience real and simple pleasure with their games, the local history, the observation, swimming or fishing, and with helping the captain out.

Faun and flora

Equipped with a describing guide and binoculars you are ready to observe the gooses, ducks and colored herons. The steep banks are richly wooded and little polluted. So only use biodegradable washing powder.


Discover the gastronomic specialties, regional dishes and local products sprinkled with regional wines.

Most villages have a bistro where regional dishes are served at optimal price vs. quality ratio.

Party game

The towpaths between the locks are privileged places to do your daily jogging.


Les chemins de halage entre les écluses, sont un endroit privilégié pour accomplir dans le plus grand calme votre jogging quotidien.


Fluvial sailing are perfect holidays for fishermen. Fishing can be practiced everywhere, in canals and rivers. However, a fishing license is necessary. Roaches, carps, pikes, or perches give unforgettable sensations to fish lovers.

Upon your departure in Briare you must buy a 2 week holiday card valid between June 1 and September 1.

At the steep banks you see a lot of anglers. They do not like much noise: slow down and, if possible, take distance. They will appreciate your courtesy.


Your navigation guide indicates where you can find grocery shops, bakeries and butcher shops. Also the lock keepers sometimes sell fresh dairy products, wine or vegetables. On the day of your embarkation it is recommended to buy a maximum of fresh drinks since you still can use your car to bring them on board.


A meal on board, on the bridge, a barbecue in open nature or in a harbor ...

A village is never far away; with the bike one can buy freshly baked bread or warm French croissants for breakfast.

If you do not like cooking, your navigation guide, as well as the publicity panels at the fluvial stops along the canal, will show you where the local restaurants or inns are located.


Villages and towns have always been built along the water side. These boroughs and villages offer often architectural treasures.

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